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Vance and Forstall Racing is Fred Vance and Larry Forstall.
Larry has been involved in land speed racing for 30+ years. He is a long time member of the Bonneville 200 MPH club.
Larry and Mark Deluca joined forces in 2002, and  in 2003 Steve Knecum  hooked up with Larry and Mark. In 2006 they
became Forstall/Knecum/ Deluca Motorsports. They have set many records at Bonneville, Maxton and Loring.
Steve was one of the first sit on bikes to run over 250 mph. Mark was the first N/A bike over 250 mph

I first went to Bonneville in 1978, with a turbo 650 BMW. My top speed of the meet was a blazing 88 mph. I did not get back to Bonneville until 1991, as a spectator. I continued to spectate, off and on until 2008.
In 2007 I began my quest for speed and to get into the 200 MPH club. At Speedweek 2008, with a very lightly modified motor, in my 2007 Hayabusa, I ran 192+.  After Speedweek  Larry offered his support. The rest is history, we became Vance and Forstall Racing

At Speedweek 2009 I set the 1350 production record at 211.526 and became the worlds fastest production motorcycle.
At World of Speed 2009 I set 2records.1350 APS/F 213.9 AND 1350APS/G 214.5.Best one way speed pf 219.02
World Finals 2009, two more records. A/F 200.4 and A/G194.8
Speedweek 2010 two records M/G190.03 and M/F 203.1. Top speed 228+with the fairing on.
Speedweek 2011  two records MPS/G 223.237 and MPS/F 221.241
World of Speed 2011 one record APS/F 233.310  Top speed 235.006
We now hold all nine of the N/A records in 1350 class. We are the only bike, in any class to do this.

For 2012 we are doing more bodywork on the #473.  I have built another bike. Brenda Sue Carver will ride it. We took it to The Texas Mile in March 2012, made one pass, 209.6 in fifth gear. 
For 2012 we are taking both bikes to: Mojave Magnum, Loring Maine and World of Speed.

Mojave Magnum,2012, Brenda ran 218+ and I ran 222+ all on her bike. It was too windy for my bike.

Loring Maine: Brenda ran 216 at the mile and 221 at 1.5 mile. I ran my bike naked, 204 1mi, 209 1.5mi